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Makeup Ministries Academy


Makeup Ministries Academy

- Are you looking for a more personalised style of make-up training?

- Want to learn the most on trend, highly requested looks and celebrity make-up artist techniques?

- Do you want to level up your make-up skills as an existing make-up artist already? Or perhaps a make-up lover who wants to do their own make-up like a pro!? 

Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to Makeup Ministries Academy.
Our mission is to provide everyone with the most comprehensive and on-trend customisable make-up training in the industry. 


With Jourdan's 12 years of experience and expertise in the industry she has created an intimate learning  experience which will allow you to maximize your learning potential in our 1 on 1 lessons & courses. This training experience has already trained hundreds of students across the UK and US in their desire to become a professional make-up artist, mastering iconic looks. Allow Jourdan to teach you from her 12 years in the industry as an international make-up artist. She has traveled all over the world working with celebrity clients, red carpet events, Tv & Commercial campaigns as-well as being infront of the camera too, as a global beauty tv presenter for a US make-up brand 'Doll10 Beauty'. Allow Jourdan to teach you all the tricks of the trade, latest looks and industry knowledge. Our courses are constantly being updated to stay on trend and current to the industry. We care about your futures and believe everyone can achieve success with the right guidance and education, and that is exactly what we are here for!


Whether you're a beginner learning from scratch or a working MUA who wants to perfect their skills, Jourdan can customise any 1 on 1 lesson/course for you, ensuring bespoke, personalised training. Our academy also caters to those who love make-up and want to learn how to do their own make-up like a pro. Choosing the right course to meet your unique needs is very important,  At Makeup Ministries we hope to make your decision easy!


About Us?

Jourdan is a professionally trained make-up artist and hair stylist, an acknowledged expert in her field for 12 years. Jourdan works in both UK and internationally across all areas of the industry in TV, Commercial, Celebrity, Editorial and Bridal/Events. Working with prestigious clients and brands from, ITV, ITVBE, BBC, Discovery Channel, Superdrug, QVC, TVSN the list goes on. She is highly requested for celebrity personal makeup & hair, from the likes of Lisa Snowdon, Chris Appleton, Cassie Batchelor, Caggie Dunlop, Amy Jackson, Josie Marran, Andi Peters and many more. Jourdan is the global brand ambassador for Doll10 Beauty where she travels internationally presenting on live TV across multiple channels around the world. Jourdan built Makeup Ministries training academy after spending several years as one of the leading tutors at a renowned make-up school, she saw a huge gap in the make-up market where new aspiring / existing MUA'S weren't getting the correct, personalised , up to date make-up education. Jourdan wanted to ensure every student in her course / lessons experienced a 1 on 1 training experience to maximise her students learning potential. Not only that, but Jourdan also wanted to ensure the courses & lessons she personally teaches are always ON TREND and UP TO DATE, as a working industry expert she knows exactly what needs to be taught in the industry. Makeup Ministries provides customisable courses where students can come to Makeup Ministries and tell US exactly what you want to learn and we provide it with the highest standard of professional make-up training. Allow Jourdan to teach you her 12 years of expertise in the make-up industry and make your vision come to life!


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