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Makeup Ministries Academy

Are you looking for a more personal and customized way to learn how to become a successful makeup artist?  Then welcome to Makeup Ministries Academy. Our mission is to provide students with the most comprehensive and on-trend make up training in the industry. 

Through our hand-selected team of experts we have created an intimate experience which will allow you to maximize your learning potential. This training experience has already helped hundreds of students across the UK and US in their desire to become highly qualified make up artists.

So what differentiates us from other Academies?

Course Content

MM has a unique offering which includes a top quality team that has designed courses to educate you in every genre of the industry to ensure that you are walking away with a 5 Star education. The course content is reviewed constantly to maintain the quality and relevancy in the industry.

Top Quality Brands

You will walk away with a makeup kit containing all the essential tools to start your career with.  We only partner with top quality brands. The quality of these products and tools will give you the opportunity to showcase your best work.    

Personalized Service

We ensure each course will consist of no more than 10 students. This means our experts will be able to cater to  you 1 on 1 and make sure we are teaching to your individual learning needs. It's this level of personalized service that sets us apart from other academies.

Starting your Portolio

At the end of your MM course, you will have the opportunity to experience a professional photo shoot.  Using the best lighting, professional models and photographers, you are able to complete your course with a substantial start to your makeup portfolio. This includes professional advice on choosing the best images to represent your work.


One of the most important things to our academy is about supporting you after completing your course. We will have regular catch ups with you to see how you are getting on and if there is anything we can assist you on with you careers. We are here to help guide you in setting up your professional website and social media platforms. Makeup Ministries also aims to sign students to our books for future work. We hope to help get our students a their first step forward into working in this industry.

We always look forward to having more Makeup Ministries student artists join our team and become apart of something special!

For all enquiries please contact us on: info@makeupministries.co.uk


About Us?

Choosing the right course to meet your unique needs is very important.  At MM we hope to make your decision easy.  We are a professional Make up Academy with a 5 Star working standard to ensure every student has the best experience. Our courses are designed to allow you to choose a course that specifically covers what you want to train in. We are here to support and help you excel in your career, and future as successful make up artist.


The personal touch from MM, including after care, is most valuable to our students needs. Our courses are constantly being updated to stay on trend and current to the industry. The team of Make up Artists at MM have an exceptional standard of teaching. The skill set they pass on and the confidence they build in you is amazing, and that's down to the personal attention to details in all lessons. What makes us unique? We care about your futures and believe everyone can achieve success with the right guidance and education, and that is exactly what we are here for!




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